Family Voice is a vital component in the ongoing improvement of systems that affect children and families. Parents whom have children with behavioral health challenges have a powerful voice, based upon their own experiences, that can assist in making important changes as well as in helping to empower others.

Family Member Leaders may play various roles within the Family Organization, all of which are voluntary and within their stated level of comfort. The Family Organization provides Parent training and skill-building opportunities for Family Member Leaders to develop a level of comfort with any of the roles that may be taken on within this position. Dignity, respect and Family Voice and Choice are shared with Family Members by ensuring they are given options regarding the amount of contact or involvement as a Family Member Leader.

A Family Member Leader is:
A parent that has been or is currently actively involved with the local Family Organization through the access of Family Peer Support, Family Navigation, or Family Advocacy (CFS), has a child with a behavioral health challenge, and is able to be a voice or a helping hand for other parents within these programs.

A parent that has experienced challenges with their own child that has a behavioral health need and has grown into a stronger advocate for themselves and their family through the linkage to Collaborative Advocacy with a Family Organization.

A parent that is willing to provide support or community service to other families or the Family Organization in a variety of specific ways that are specific to the parent’s strengths and the Organization’s needs.

A parent that is willing to work with other Advocates within the Family Organization, or other Family Member Leaders, to develop a level of competency and skill development related to sharing the family voice with various individuals, agency, systems or teams- locally, regionally, statewide, with policy-makers or other special interest groups.

If you are a parent that is interested in becoming a Family Member Leader, please contact your local Family Organization or The Family Run Organizations of Nebraska today!