Going to College is Possible

You don’t need people to tell you how important college is, you hear that all the time. What you may not hear from people all the time is that you can go to college. You can find a way to afford it, you can find help applying to college, you can find a school that is right for you, and you can find help in your college classes if necessary. College is not reserved for youth with two biological parents who can help them fund an education. That is not to say that college will be easy. It won’t be. But it is absolutely something that you can do.

There are many people willing to help you through this process, including your youth development coordinator, school guidance counselor, foster parent, and caseworker–to name just a few. Be sure to ask about special grants or services that may be available for youth in care or recent foster care alumni.


Whether your teen with LD or AD/HD is college-bound or already on campus, he’ll find this resource list invaluable.