Looking at Colleges

Choosing the college that is right for you can be intimidating. Perhaps the most important thing you should keep in mind is that college is what you make of it. Yes, finding a college that meets your needs is important, but what is most important is what you do when you get there.

If you become active on campus, if you pay attention in class, and if you seek help when you need it, you are bound to be successful no matter where you go!

Some questions to consider when looking at colleges include:

How big of a school do I want to go to?
Do you want to go to a small school where you are more likely to have small classes, but you might also have a smaller variety of classes and other university-sponsored activities to choose from? Do you want to go to a larger school where you are likely to meet more people and have a lot of courses to choose from, but might also feel lost in the crowd? Do you want something in-between?

Where do I want to go to school?
Do you want to go to school in Vermont or do you want to leave the State? Do you want to go to school in a rural area or in a big city?

What do I want to major in?
Some students choose to enter into school with an undecided major. However, if you have an idea of what you would like for a job in the future, it is good to choose that as a major so that you can explore if it is right for you. Don’t worry, you can always change your major. The worst that changing your major can do is make it so you have to go to school for a little longer. The important thing is to make sure that the schools you are looking at have the majors you might want. Your guidance counselor will have information on what schools have the majors you are looking for.Fastweb.com also has this information.