Some Thoughts About Housing During Breaks

During regular school breaks (winter break, spring break, summer break) most on-campus housing will be closed. Many students go home, spend the break with friends, or go on vacation. Some schools even have sponsored vacations, called alternative breaks, where you do community service. These vacations are often VERY cheap.
If you decide that it is best to stay on campus during breaks, you will need to plan ahead.

Many schools have what they call “break housing”, but policies on how much it will cost and who is eligible to stay vary from school to school. The best advice is to start planning early, and be prepared to advocate for yourself. Let the front desk manager of your residence hall know that you will need break housing and why. If they say you are not eligible or if you think break housing will cost more than you can afford, contact a residential life manager. If you still cannot get access to break housing or if it costs too much, keep contacting people. Write an email to the president of your school. Ask your academic advisor, your youth development coordinator, a professor, or any adult that you trust to help. Don’t be afraid to advocate for what you need.

It is important for schools to understand the unique needs of foster youth, so they can meet those needs. If nothing else, you will be forcing the system to think about the effects of their policies. If they don’t know that there is a problem, they can’t fix it.